I’m working on a Bon Iver marketing campaign


Bon Iver: Pairs Great With Oatmeal™

4 out of 5 doctors play Bon Iver for people awaking from comas

Bon Iver: The Perfect Background Music for Buying Fleet Foxes Tickets™

Look for Bon Iver on their upcoming Fiscal Responsibility Tour

Bon Iver: Goes All the Way Up to 6™

Fuck, I need 10 more by tomorrow or Justin Vernon is going to have my balls.


Nymical Demagoguery, and a realisation of great importance to social harmony. It is not the great commonality that should be changed, it is the outlying individual who should be brought into the norm, the expectation, the as it where..lesser representation.

And that is how MWIAW, ood disproved his name.

MWIAW became the fault in the crystal, when he lost his name he lost his place. He turned out to be just impurity, disappearing before the structure could set, he left a jagged pattern, a flaw. His flaw has a final small rightward bend, it’s just enough to make the trots feel left.